Public Domain Sounds Backup

This is a backup of the 635 copyright-free sound recordings submitted to before April 2009.

Getting Sounds

pdsounds_march2009.7z md5sum: c16eab87321f2edc8237473003f09841

Terms of use

Read the license notice.

History was a Drupal-based sharing platform for public domain sound recordings: a mixture of Freesound and Open Clip Art Library.

On March 2, 2009, an archive of all previously submitted sounds was uploaded to It went down a few weeks later. is back apparently. See this thread.


The administrator of was Stephan Möbius [Librivox profile].

This backup is being managed by Iwan Gabovitch [site].

The web space is being kindly hosted by TuxFamily. You can say thanks to them via donation or participation.


Check out this list of 3D, 2D and audio resources under free licenses.

A discussion on this backup was started on the FreeGameDev Forums.

There's some discussion about a revival of

Use 7-Zip to open the .7z archive. Use Audacity to edit sound files.

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